What Is Journey?

Journey builds your travel profile based on your experiences.

We created Journey to inspire memorable travels, by building out your profile so you can see what kind of traveler you are and what kind of traveler you want to be. All it takes is a Facebook login and Journey does the rest! You can also see where your friends are traveling so you can meet up or connect them; because after all, one of the most important parts about the journey is who joins you along the way.

The Current Top 5

Trevor Gribble 50 909,608
Michael Graziano 47 827,527
Collette Stohler 47 827,477
4. Daniel Graetzer 47 798,016
5. Tom Hafner 46 787,013

How It Works

Journey's algorithm ‘Montu’ scores your travel based on your real life experiences.

Montu uses an intelligent combination of post geolocation, engagement, and other social indicators to learn about your travel experiences and score you accordingly. Without giving away too much: if you want to improve your score, be active, travel frequently (distance isn’t everything), be open to new experiences, and explore!
After all, life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the Journey.

Meet The Team

Hi, this is us. We are a team of tech and travel fanatics. We have spent most of our past working on or with startups, and traveling as much of the world as we could at the same time.

Sebastiaan van Kuyk

Co-founder, Software Engineer

Jeroen Jagt

Co-founder, Software Engineer

Maximiliaan van Kuyk

Co-founder, Growth Hacker